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ZCC.CT Cutting Tools Application for Fuel System of Diesel in Automotive Industry


Plunger,as a device that is applied to the injection pump of the diesel in automotiveindustry, it is introduced in the case below. The injection pump is the mostimportant part in fuel supply system of diesels. It is also called the heart ofthe diesel, and its fundamental function is to transmit the high pressurediesel fuel in a fixed time and quantity.

Plunger andBarrel Assembly undertake high mechanical load. It is driven by cam, and thepressure of fuel is increased. A relatively high temperature of plunger iscaused by the heat, which is created by friction of high speed reciprocalmotion. The materials for manufacturing the plunger should be in highmechanical strength, enough rigidity and good toughness. It requires high wearresistance, high corrosion resistance, and low thermal expansion coefficient.Also, the stability of metallographic structure and good machinability areneeded. Generally, tool steel CrWMn and rolling bearing steel GCr15 which is inhardness range of HRC62-65. In addition, the shape and structure of plunger arerelatively simple but it requires high consistency for all sides.

Fuel injection pump

Thereare 3 machining operations involved in plunger machining, and they are Roughing,Finishing and Fine-finishing. Also, thermal treatment is engaged. The machiningprocesses would be: External Rough Turning - Parting - Face and External ChamferTurning on the position basis of External Rough - Medium Hole Drilling, Counterboring,Reaming and Internal Chamfering - Cleaning -Roughness and Diameter Check forMedium Hole - External Finishing on the position basis of Medium Hole -Cleaning – Medium and External Rough Grinding on the position basis of MediumHole - Cleaning - Oil Entrance Drilling and Oil Outlet Drilling on the positionbasis of Large External - Cleaning - Oil Entrance Counterboring and Oil OutletCounterboring on the position basis of Large External - Cleaning.

External Rough Turning-External Turning Tools with 95° Entering Angle



Cutting dataV=200m/min   f=0.3mm/r  ap=2mm

Parting- "Little Squirrel" Series of External Parting Tools



Cutting data:V=110m/min  f=0.05mm/r

Face Turning-External Turning Tools with 95° Entering Angle



Cutting dataV=240m/min   f=0.3mm/r  ap=2mm

External Chamfering of Face-External Turning Tools with 45°Entering Angle



Cutting dataV=240m/min   f=0.2mm/r


Medium Hole Drilling- Solid Carbide Drills


Cutting datan=2200r/min   f=0.18mm/r

Medium Hole Counterboring-Solid Carbide Counterboring Tools


Cutting datan=2800r/min   f=0.1mm/r


Medium Hole Reaming- Solid Carbide Reamers


Cutting datan=300r/min   f=0.1mm/r


Medium Hole Chamfering- Solid Carbide Spot Drills


Cutting data:n=1600r/min   f=0.28mm/r

External Finish Turning for Steps-External Turning Tools with 95° EnteringAngle



Cutting dataV=240m/min   f=0.2mm/r  ap=0.5mm


Oil Entrance & Oil Outlet Drilling- Solid Carbide Drills


Cutting datan=6000r/min   f=0.09mm/r

Oil Entrance & Oil Outlet Counterboring-

Solid Carbide Counterbore drills


Cutting datan=2800r/min   f=0.09mm/r


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